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The bridegroom, to be able to marry, will pay a sum that is large of towards the girl’s moms and dads.


The bridegroom, to be able to marry, will pay a sum that is large of towards the girl’s moms and dads.

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By Samar Minallah | News & Politics | Published 16 years ago

In certain components of NWFP, the customized of sar paisa is predominant. The bridegroom, to be able to marry, will pay a sum that is large of towards the girl’s moms and dads. This custom transforms her into an item of financial value, devoid of thoughts or emotions. This living, breathing item of value can in fact be offered and re-sold for a greater price — without a family’s ‘honour’ being at risk. The more ‘honour’ her family gains in fact, the higher her value.

Maimoona from Parachinar finished up in Kohat prison whenever she declined become juggled from a single guy to a different for an increased cost. She had been offered down to her relative for 50,000 rupees in wedding. Meanwhile, her paternal relative got an offer of one-and-a-half lakh rupees, that he easily accepted on the behalf without her permission.

The choice that is only before Maimoona was to escape along with her spouse. Having no written evidence of their marriage that is legal wound up in Kohat prison. Maimoona’s brothers and paternal cousins are attempting their utmost to have her out from the prison so that you can regain their lost honour and cash.

Niyaz Khela, who’s in her own fifties that are late belongs to Karak. She had been downered down in wedding to a guy much older to her. Nevertheless inside her teenagers then, her spouse would often beat her over trivial things. So that you can getting away from life of misery, she eloped with another man whom she had met while she had opted to fetch water.

Being forced to select from the likelihood of being killed and residing life of torment with a person that would continue steadily to mistreat her, Niyaz Khela chose the previous.

Barefoot, with no product control, she, along with her paramour, hid into the crevices regarding the tough hills of Karak, dodging the killers that chased her. “The gunshots would not frighten me personally because we preferred death to going back to a husband that is abusive” says Niyaz Khela. Nevertheless, after couple of years of hiding, Niyaz Khela’s 2nd spouse handled to cover 10,000 rupees to her ex-husband, that was twice as much quantity initially compensated by initial husband as ‘bride cost. ’ Because of this not merely ended up being their pride elated but his missing ‘honour’ was additionally regained by means of economic revenue.

In Karak, a married girl has an increased cost available in the market because her ex-husband, if alive, needs to be paid for their economic loss. Unless, he could be provided an increased cost than exactly exactly what he previously initially covered the girl, he gets pighore (taunt) from the community.

The male perpetrator is usually killed and the woman sent back to the parents, who try once again to marry her off if money is not paid as compensation. The funds they get from her marriage that is second is down to her aggrieved ex-husband.

Hence, right right here, more guys are killed this kind of offences because a female, even when she actually is abandoned or divorced because of the spouse, continues to have an amount on the market. The man can be acquitted if he will pay a lot of money as payment to your aggrieved celebration. Consequently honour, in this context, is related more to wide range than to one’s behaviour that is moral.

As Niyaz Khela confirms, ‘Moozh watan kay topak aao paisa balaa dee, ’ (inside our town firearms and cash are leaders! ). It’s been a lot more than four years since Niyaz Khela abandoned her town and settled in Islamabad being a financial migrant. Her 2nd spouse left her for the next girl who he purchased at a affordable cost.

Residing in a tiny ghetto, exercising her traditions in an international land, Niyaz Khela needed to work tirelessly to marry off her three kiddies, all on the very own. She worked being a labourer, making bricks when it comes to high-rise structures of Islamabad to pay for for a bride for just one of her sons. For her younger son, a bride was got by her in swarra (change of females) being a change along with her very own child.

It really is interesting that while honour may be tarnished with a small slide of behavior, customs like swarra and sar paisa, where a lady is employed as a item of value or a musical instrument of creating alliances, bring honour. Niyaz Khela, like a number of other Pukhtuns, does not have any option but to adhere to the traditions her forefathers practiced. If a Pakhtun does not work relating to Pakhtunwali, he or she is not any longer considered a dhroon Pakhtun (an honourable Pakhtun). It’s very difficult also for a really gallant Pakhtun to manage the venomous pighore. The best way to free oneself through the wrath of pighore would be to show his/her allegiance to ‘Pakhunwali’(the Pakhtun rule of conduct), that could also be during the cost of someone’s life.