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I am European, my partner is filipina, desire a visa or otherwise not ? – Uk Forum


I am European, my partner is filipina, desire a visa or otherwise not ? – Uk Forum

My spouse and me personally you want to invest some times in London in September

My partner is filipina, she’s got the residency that is belgian and filipino passport.

We do not find appropriate topics about it, also on embassy web site it is confusing.

So if we travel togheter along with her passport, residency card, birth and wedding certificate, DO SHE NEED CERTAINLY TO MAKE AN APPLICATION FOR A VISA OR PERHAPS NOT ?

You want to steer clear of the customs in UK telling us “No, no entry, your lady requires a visa. “

The visa costs 170EUR here, that is quite a cost

Many Thanks ahead of time for your responses or advice

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Maybe you have checked in the following site?

It seems IF she has an Article 10 Residence card – one specifically marked ““Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen” that she may not need a visa

Needless to say we examined this amazing site but :

Will you be travelling with or visiting either your spouse or even member of the family in the united kingdom?

That is the concern we do not realize : does it indicate the partner or member of the family (me personally then) has UK nationality or european nationality ?

If we answer yes, no need visa.

Then a visa is needed if we reply no

For people you will find different definitions. Im maybe maybe maybe not inhabitant of UK, and i’m belgian, perhaps maybe not english.

Exactly what your spouse requirements is determined by which type of residence card she’s got. You can find three kinds. Then she only needs a wedding certificate to prove she is married to you (plus a valid passport of course) if she has a residence card issued under Article 10 (with the wording “Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen”) or Article 20 of the Directive (with the wording “Permanent Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen”).

Then she also needs to apply for an EEA Family Permit if she has a residence card issued under Belgian domestic legislation which is not an Article 10 or Article 20 card as above. There is absolutely no charge for getting an EEA Family license.

In either situation, this woman is just eligible to go to great britain if this woman is travelling to you, or perhaps you are actually right here and she actually is going to satisfy you (and she can prove it). Like said, its your responsibility to test your very own situation, but the conditions for entry are explained right right here:

Your lady is travelling with you, you might be (presumably) the owner of a EEA country passport. The critical point is – and just it is possible to respond to this – is when the Residence card is within the proper structure having an explicit mention of the Article 10.…

Which is plainly shown regarding the her F card “Residency card of member of the family of an EU citizen”, so I assume we will avoid to cover worthless charge. Many Thanks a great deal for the good and fast responses

HI, i will be in a similar situation she has an Belgium F card as you: I’m a Belgian, live and work in Belgium, my wife is Kenyan. It appears I guess we need an EEA family permit that it is not an article 10 card, so. This will depend on what you browse the question in the internet site as previously mentioned before : are you travelling with or visiting either your spouse or a member of family in the united kingdom? therefore, does that mean i want to reside or act as an Belgium in the united kingdom or otherwise not? I just would you like to bring a tourist check out beside me n my spouse to London for X-mas.

The second issue: when we assume the clear answer of previous real question is Yes, as my spouse will join me personally toghetter to create a brief stop by at UK, and then we do have to apply for the EEA family license, cost-free, then afther going right on through the “apply” website link within the phrase “You must apply online through the Visa4UK solution for the EEA family license” about this site: THEN we end in some sort of cycle with similar concern about what kind of visa we have to submit an application for and also to submit an application for various kinds of visa’s, however the EEA familypermit is nowhere can be found on no actual choice of EEA at “submit an application for a call or transportation visa” neither on “submit an application for all the visas” I ended up in apply for an 6month visa for a fee of 110 euro afther I run the enormeous questionlist. Therefore for me, it isn’t feasible to try to get an EEA family license from the website that is official. Can anyone help? Many Thanks

Under many circumstances, your lady will not get a write-up 10 card (or russian brides bikini Article 20 card, which will be similarly good) until you are “exercising your directly to movement that is free within an EU/EEA country which will be perhaps perhaps perhaps not your property nation (ie perhaps maybe not Belgium). If perhaps you were living/working (or had lived/worked) in a EU/EEA country outside Belgium (it couldn’t make a difference which country) you then could be exercising that right and your lady might get a card under Article 10 and travel to you to the British with out a visa or an EEA Family Permit. She’d just require her very own national passport and her wedding certification.

For the 2nd concern, regrettably, the web system doesn’t permit me to see just what alternatives you might be served with unless we develop a dummy account while making a dummy application. My understanding is the fact that there are two main dilemmas:

When navigating the web site, it generally does not provide you with any solution to choose “EEA Family allow” until FOLLOWING an account has been created by you.

2) also it isn’t obvious which choices you have to make from the various drop-down boxes to reach the option for “EEA Family Permit” after you have created an account,. From memory, i really believe (but just believe, because we can;t observe that part of your website) you need to pick from the boxes the following answers in brackets:


VISA TYPE: EEA/Swiss Family user

VISA SUB-TYPE: Family member of an EEA National

The wizard that is website then show you through all of those other procedure without any indicator that you must spend a cost.

We queried this not enough clarity/guidance aided by the home business office recently, and received an answer which they “will observe your feedback with British Visas and Immigration (UKVI) that will be area of the home business office, and can make use of them to really make the content better if necessary” along with a closing admission for my enquiry.

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