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Give your opinion and examples from your experience.


Give your opinion and examples from your experience.

Some individuals spend a lot of money attending cultural or sports events. Could it be a good or a thing that is bad?

Definitely a good development, gives something for folks to aspire to. Moreover it most begets that are likely revenues for the performers and promoters , that ought to ultimately lead to a even more events. This undoubtedly contributes to greater monetary and wealth that is cultural a society. Take including the English Premier League (EPL), this entertainment spectacle has taken considerable wealth into cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and London. Higher ticket prices result in better wages for football stars, which result in more quality players attempting to play within the EPL, ultimately causing a cons >high net-worth individuals moving into these cities. There has undoubtedly been a confident self-fulfilling cycle of improvement and quality, fuelled by increasing prices. Furthermore prices that are high most likely mean higher tax revenues for the government, this is certainly definitely very theraputic for society.

P2 – Same, but apply to a event that is cultural ballet – opera.

Video of IELTS Topics, Answers and ideas that are getting

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What we’re going to do is look at about 5 or 6 IELTS Task 2 questions.

And together we’re planning to work through what we’re planning to write for each paragraph.

I’m going to be quite quick but I just like to explain to you the process I prefer for when I’m writing my essays.

And I do write a complete lot of essays ’cause I find out

the more I write, the easier and simpler it gets (logically).

Not to mention being a speaker that is native I don’t need certainly to check it.

Although, I will admit

my spelling isn’t fantastic.

However, I got Microsoft Word and things like that for many regarding the other problems (usually the vowels and stuff).

But anyway, let’s get going.

To start with, best of luck to Shuko and Hamilian.

The 2 online students that are gonna take the test.

I’ve been working together with them hoping to get ideas taking care of the speaking,

get ideas for essays,

working on their grammar,

and I’m pretty certain they’re going to get it done.

So we’ll see. I’ll let you know how it goes.

But I’m pretty certain it can be done by them.

They’ve been working quite hard (especially Shuko… she never stop sending me essays).

Let’s get going.

So I’ve decided to take question from about 3 or 4 subjects.

Let’s get started.

It is better for students to work before the university study?“Do you think”

“Use reasons and examples that are specific support your option.”

Because of this essay, I made the decision “Yes, it is advisable.”

For the paragraph that is 1st said:

“The student would get working experience,”

“they get contacts,”

“they get on-the-job skills.”

That’s very collocation that is good use “on-the-job skills.”

After which to prove my point, an example is given by me and I say,

“Studies from the UK Government show that graduates with work experience are twice as likely to find employment.”

So that it’s quite believable, that example.

Not to mention, these are merely rough ideas however it’s a solid idea.

And I’m going to say “yes” from starting to the finish.

I’m not planning to write a essay that is discussive there’s you should not.

I agree totally using what the relevant question says.

Then for question 2, once again “yes.” A second reason.

So I’ll say, “Can you maintain the first argument?”

I’ll say, “It’s better preparation, chance to improve social skills, close the gap between academia plus the sector… that is private”

Also more collocations there: “social skills,” and “private sector.”

“It also helps the student to commit…”

“It also helps the student before they commit to a long term plan.”

So it helps them decide. Then for my example, I said:

“One out of six students will alter their higher education course while at university.”

In the event that you actually look at the presentation on a slideshow or on the video on YouTube,

You’ll see that the notes, they’re not sentences that are full. It’s just a bullet that is few, random ideas, all come up with.

And I’ve used the shortened version (i did son’t say “university” I just put “uni”).

‘Cause at this time, my grammar doesn’t need to be perfect.

The spelling doesn’t need to be perfect.

I’m just getting ideas and building the essay.

In this podcast, we’re just likely to glance at paragraph 1 and paragraph 2.

‘Cause introductions and conclusions can be written when you’ve got your main ideas for your body paragraphs.

… And that is where you select up most points.

Next question… Also linked to education…

“Some people genuinely believe that children needs to do organized activities inside their spare time although some think that children ought to be liberated to do what they need to complete in their leisure time.”

Not the most effective written question there but anyway…

“Which viewpoint can you agree with?”

“Use specific reasons and examples to aid your answer.”

Quickly, I’m writing down ideas. I’m planning to say:

“There’s lots of benefits in letting your brain wonder.”

“Children can express themselves.”

“They can find themselves.”

“They may do whatever they prefer and do well at.”

Like I said, ideas. Ideas. Just getting them down. Maybe I’ll use 2 of these in the body paragraph that is actual.

Then I’ve got a good example… or a example that is believable

(I invented this but it does not matter.)

(I invented this but it’s believable.)

“Recent studies show 12% of school students dislike physical education, therefore if sports were chosen it is unfair to this minority.”

Yeah? That’s believable. That’s believable. It’s about 12%.

I recall at school, there’s a few that didn’t’ like sports, so that it’s believable.

I’m not saying, “99% or all students hate physical activity” because that will you should be insanely inaccurate.

And also, spot the vocabulary I used.

I’ve used the collocations of course, “physical education”

but I also used, “dislike” i did son’t say “hate” or “absolutely disgust” because this is certainly very language that is strong.

And also this is an academic essay it a write my paper for me little bit so we have to limit.

We cannot be so absolute.

Now, my paragraph that is second focuses the fee and what will be necessary.