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Bolivian Feminism B O L I V I A In My Eyes


Bolivian activists on Friday staged a protest outside a courthouse in protest at violence against females. I never know what do you feel of bolivians but if you supply to anybody food or one thing their reactions depends on their personality (if they are polite or not) this applies to anybody in the planet, i feel, so if any particular person of a country treats you badly it doesn’t mean that yet another particular person from that country will treat you the identical way.

Though Bolivian law technically guarantees freedom of speech and of the press, the connection among the government and the news media is hostile, and the government has been charged with “taking actions created to restrict independent media or to encourage self-censorship.” Although there are a assortment of news media that operate without having restriction, which includes several that are vital of the government, folks living in some rural regions have no source of news other than government radio. Also, insulting public officials is a crime punishable by a jail term of up to three years an independent Press Tribunal has the power to sanction journalists. A 2010 report by Freedom Residence described the Bolivian press as “partly free” and increasingly unfree. In 2010, there have been 60 circumstances of reported physical aggression or verbal threats directed at 111 journalists.

Public staff are not allowed to strike, though some have completed so without having getting penalized. Some union groups have government ties and act beneath government pressure. Typically speaking, Bolivian workers take pleasure in only a limited proper to bargain collectively without having government involvement. There is a National Labor Court that bargains with antiunion discrimination, but it can take a lot more than a year to concern rulings, by which time those rulings could be irrelevant.

Beneath Bolivian law, females take pleasure in equal rights, but several females do not know what their rights are and are, in practice, typically treated as second-class citizens. Rape and other forms of violence against females are widespread. The Center for the Details and Development of Females (CIDEM) says that 70 percent of Bolivian females suffer abuse of some sort. Statutory rape is punishable by up to 20 years in prison forcible rape of an adult, by up to 10 years. In 2013, Bolivia passed a new extensive domestic violence law, which outlaws several forms of abuse of females, which includes marital rape. Rural females are usually denied their inheritance rights, and females in the workplace are usually denied their proper to equal pay. Beneath Bolivian law, half of the candidates in municipal elections need to be females.

Amnesty International complained in a 2012 report that Bolivian authorities had created decisions about construction of a highway across the Isiboro Sécure Indigenous Territory and National Park (Territorio Indígena y Parque Nacional Isiboro Sécure, TIPNIS) without having consulting the indigenous persons who live there. This lack of consultation resulted in a excellent deal of confusion and conflict, with some indigenous folks supporting the road and other individuals opposing it, and the government reversing its plans a lot more than when.

Bolivian law bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, and transgender persons are allowed to legally modify their name and gender. In practice, nonetheless, discrimination against LGBT persons is widespread. There are LGBT rights groups, and gay-rights marches and gay-pride parades take spot with official approval and are protected by police.

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The principal geological functions in Bolivia is Altiplano which is a huge lake, a highland plateau of the Andes, and Lake Titicaca highest navigable lake on Earth. The terrain affects the people’s life-style by sharing most geography with Bolivia’s borders like Chile.

Bolivians eat corn, potatoes, beans and meat the principal components of food they eat. The principal way they cook their food is in a pit heated by coal or wood fire. The most frequent food selling is bread, meat, and cheese all day extended in markets.

I am an educated divorced Bolivian woman who had the likelihood to be in extended relationships with both Bolivians and foreigners. Sadly, I will often regret possessing ended a connection with my Italian and then my Swedish boyfriend who mentioned they loved me, specifically the last a single who asked me to live collectively in Sweden right after finishing studying my master degree in Europe.

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